New Generation Wire Finishing & Net Systems


• The system is fully guaranteed against the complete destruction of the parcel. Revision of the system in the local deformations that may occur is very easy and fast. Strength power is much higher than the old method.

• Manufactured from recycled materials. The amount of money spent on the system when the fruit plant completed its economic life, is of economic value at the end of this time. A large portion of money spent for the system is recovered and it thus provides an important economic contribution to its investor.

• Installation is very fast. While the installation of the 1000 acres of land in the old method can be completed in a period of 12-14 months, this time has been reduced a period of 5-6 months in a new generation galvanized system.

• New Generation Galvanized system can be installed safely even in 5-6 meters in height above ground.

• It is about 5 times lighter than the materials used in the old system. Volumes are also low so much. Therefore, extra cost to be paid to shipping at the installation stage of the plant would be spent for this recoverable system and this provides a significant gain to investor in the future.

• New Generation Galvanized System’s labor costs is much lower than the old method.

• Throughout the entire life cycle of the system after the installation phase, the system does not require great care and revisions excluding exceptional circumstances. Operating costs are very low.

Tulga Agro is authorized distributor for New Generation Wire Finishing & Net Systems in Republic of GEORGIA for SIMGETEK JSC TURKEY