New Generation Fence Systems (Patented)

It is a system having many advantages compared to old method. The system consists of two parts including male and female part. Female part is nailed with hydraulic or mechanical equipment to the desired depth. Then by being installed the upper male part, fence wire mesh, barbed wire or other materials are mounted on the poles.

• Installation is quick and easy.  There is no need to pour concrete on the bottom of poles because the poles are fixed to the ground with nailing method.

• Labor and shipping costs are lower 5 times compared to other methods

• Manufactured from galvanized material and does not require maintenance.

•  It is modular, can be re-applied or stored for years by moving to another area.

• It has high durability strength, not affected by natural conditions.

• It can be rapidly produced in any desired extent. Holes on the poles are prepared as ready for application. They do not require additional labor.