GlobeCore’s Oil Regeneration (Reclamation) Units are “Two-in-One” industrial systems that not only Purify used and/or contaminated oil, but completely Regenerate/Reclaim the used oil and restore used oil to its original new condition.

This new, industry leading technology was designed by GlobeCore’s engineers and the UVR units can perform oil and fuel regeneration/reclamation at a fraction of the cost of replacing used oil with new oil.

Today we are going to learn the difference between “Oil Purification” and “Oil Regeneration/Reclamation” and why purification alone is no longer cost effective.


Oil Purification is a process that eliminates and/or reduces contamination in the oil through a means of filtration, dehydration, degasification, or some other processes that essentially cleans the oil of water, gases, and particulate matter. The typical process involves mechanical filtration and vacuum degassing. It can be performed with the transformer online or offline.

Current purification methods are normally effective in the removal of gases, particulate matter (down to 0.2 microns) and some, but not all, of the water/moisture found in the used oil.  Typical oil purification methods are usually sufficient to correct “electrical voltage breakdown” (EVB) caused by a combination of particulate matter and water in the oil which is a very common condition found in transformers in service for more than a couple of years.

In order to maintain the dielectric and insulating properties of the oil, it is necessary to perform the purification process on a routine or scheduled maintenance basis.  The “Purification Process” however, is not a long term solution for a wet transformer.  Oil Purification removes only a small fraction of the water suspended or dissolved in the oil and does not remove water and acids from the Kraft Insulating Paper.  To obtain nearly all water removal from the transformer oil and paper, a more powerful and complete process called “Regeneration” must be applied.  This process is also known as Reclamation.


Oil Regeneration: The GlobeCore “Two for One” Engineering Miracle.  Oil Regeneration is a process that not only completely purifies used transformer oil; it improves the oil color and removes substances such as acids, aldehides, ketones, etc. that the standard purification processes cannot remove.  Oil Regeneration therefore, performs all the purification processes and goes beyond the purification process by removing the water and other acids, contaminates and particulate matter from the oil and the rest of the transformer including the paper.

When the “regenerated oil” is placed back in the transformer, it is in the same condition as it was when new and unused.  Additionally, the Kraft Insulating Paper has been dried and the acids, particulate matter, watrer and other contaminants are effectively removed thereby extending the service life of the paper.

The GlobeCore Oil RegenerationProcess also known as the GlobeCore Process, does not replace the purification process, but incorporates purification into the complete regeneration process as the two processes are combined into one service process thereby saving time and money.  The GlobeCore Process services the entire transformer and not just the oil!

The GlobeCore UVR units provide onsite and online servicing through regeneration and sludge removal. The following is a list of benefits to using GlobeCore regeneration units:

  • Reduces moisture in the oil to below 10 ppm
  • Reduces acidity to less than 0.01mg KOH/g in the oil
  • Dielectric strength of the oil is improved to 70 kV or higher
  • Interfacial tension is improved up to 40 Dynes
  • The Tan Delta of the oil is improved to equal less than 0.001
  • Sludge suspended or dissolved in the oil is removed
  • Sludge deposits found elsewhere in the transformer are also removed
  • Particulate matter is removed down to 0.2 microns
  • The oxidation stability of the oil is restored to the original new oil condition
  • The color of the oil is restored to new condition
  • The dielectric strength of the solid insulation is improved
  • Degradation of the solid insulation is halted thereby extending the service life of the transformer

Oil purification alone is no longer an efficient and cost effective way of servicing and maintaining your transformers.  GlobeCore’s Oil Regeneration equipment will completely purify and place the used oil into the same new original condition it was in when first installed in the transformer. GlobeCore Oil Regeneration Equipment equals big savings and reduced electric service interruptions.


  • No oil transportation costs because the oil is saved
  • No large quantities of new oil is required
  • No used oil storage and disposal costs
  • No negative environmental impact from used oil disposal
  • No additional transformer maintenance costs because all sludge is dissolved and removed from the core, coils, windings, cooling fins, and ducts.
  • No contaminants remain in the transformer because the GlobeCore Process regenerates and purifies in one process
  • No vacuum drawing costs
  • No oil spillage danger because the automated process is completed while the transformer remains online with minimal human operation. No used oil is handled by the one man service crew.
  • No service disruption to down line customers because the transformer can remain energized and online during the process

GlobeCore’s Industry Leading “GlobeCore Process” provides many financial and environmental benefits as compared to simple oil replacement.  To start, the transformer can remain energized and online during the regeneration process.  Although the transformer must be de-energized when the GlobeCore Regeneration unit is connected to and disconnected from the transformer, the remaining regeneration process can be performed while the transformer remains in service providing electricity to your customers.

The GlobeCore “Regeneration Process” is superior to changing oil for several reasons. First, merely changing the oil leaves as much as 15% of the contaminated/used oil in the transformer coils and windings. The old dirty oil will then contaminate the new oil effectively reducing the service life of the new oil. Second, the Kraft Insulating Paper will retain the acids, moisture, and particulate matter that will continue to actively degrade the insulating paper and shorten service life.

The GlobeCore“Regeneration Process” removes 99% of all contaminates from the entire transformer including the paper, coils and windings.  The regeneration process leaves no dirty oil behind because the existing oil is restored to original new clean condition.  No dirt or sludge remains in the paper halting the degradation process thereby extending the service life of the insulating paper and the transformer.

Changing the oil is a process that can take three weeks or longer to perform and requires that the transformer be de-energized and taken offline. The GlobeCore Process can be performed in as little as one to five days by a one man crew and the transformer can remain in service during the process.

The GlobeCore Process eliminates the expense and environmental hazards in removing oil, refilling oil, transporting new and used oil, and disposing of used oil.

The GlobeCore Process also eliminates the possibility of mixing different brands of oils with different specifications to replace the original factory fill oil since the used oil is not replaced, but restored to original condition.

The GlobeCore Transformer Regeneration System can be used with new transformers to start a lifetime preventive maintenance program that will extend the service life of transformers between 5 and 10 years and possibly longer.

GlobeCore offers the new UVR units for both oil and fuel regeneration and are currently in use in more than 70 countries worldwide.


  • Regenerate nearly any type of mineral oils (e. g. transformer oil, insulating oil, industrial oil, turbine oil, dark heating or crude oil, dark gasoline, dark diesel oil, kerosene, gas condensates, etc.)
  • Removal of aromatics, unsaturated hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide and other additives
  • Removal of mechanical impurities, water, particulate matter, etc.
  • Restore and improve oils/fuels to like new condition
  • Protects the environment by eliminating oil waste
  • Low price to high benefit ratio with low operating costs

(It is not cost effective to regenerate used engine oil and used Diesel oil at this time)


  • Framed
  • Containerized
  • Explosion proof (for regeneration of gas condensate, kerosene and other inflammable petroleum products).

To get more technical information about the GlobeCore reclamation plants/equipment, please call us or arrange a visit to our production facilities and we will demonstrate how the UVR systems work.

Its time to get with the Process;  The GlobeCore Process!